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A classically trained graphic designer, Recently relocated to Taiwan, freelancing actively all over the world.

With almost 20 years experience in design industry, I fully understand the importance of being PROFESSIONAL and to DELIVER.

Having been working and living in 3 different continents (Australia, Europe, Asia), I have learned the subtle difference in most aspect of design between different cultures, either its on the aesthetic side, or the way to communicate with the clients in order to get the best result. the experience makes me unique, and that's probably my biggest strength as a freelancer.


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Watercolor Illustration

to Present
The Beginning

Around the Millennium, before Facebook and Instagram, Printing was the dominate force in visual communications. As a junior graphic designer,  I was given the endless opportunity to create countless numbers of flyers, posters, brochures, catalogues and so on. This experiences  gave me a very solid knowledge on Print & Press.

Around 2007

Internet, Website, personal blog was blooming like eternal Spring. Around that time I made a conscious decision to become a full time illustrator, and became an exclusive contributor for iStockphoto (By Getty images).

As much as I enjoy laying things out nicely on screen, I just love to draw. Being an independent illustrator on a international platform like Getty Images opens all the unexpected doors to work for major international brands such as Apple computer, L.oreal Paris, Publishing houses and so on (see client list ). The opportunities to work for those international  brands really taught and made me a more matured and perhaps  sophisticated  professional.



At Present

With the rapid growth of technology and social-media, the role of a designer naturally evolved. Although some part of graphic design on the traditional side are slowing down, At the same time there are more possibilities and opportunities on the raise.


Bearing these on-going trends in mind, I am excited to create and deliver forward-thinking result with my unique skills and experience.



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